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MichaeL James

Todays underground dance music community tends to shun Hybrid DJ’s for their lack of a “defined sound”, and rightfully so, since most don’t have one. However, in the case of Michael James, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s not often a DJ can cross so many genres and do it with confidence and authority. MJ describes himself as having “Jackyl and Hyde” persona when it comes to his craft.

“Playing open format always came natural to me, since my earliest musical roots were seeded in Hip Hop, Rock & Country. I think of those gigs as my day-job... House Music is my Passion and I’d play it for free if I could still pay my bills. There’s no greater elation then vibing with a dance-floor packed with House Lovers.”

So what makes a DJ good? Better yet.. what make a DJ great?!  It probably makes sense that neither of those questions have a defined answer, since one persons perception will obviously differ from the next.  Having that said, some DJs just seem to have every trick in the bag, seem to always outdo their last performance. Michael James would be “one of those DJ’s“, and then some! MJ is Old School, MJ is also New School.  A complete kid at heart, but definitely an old soul - he’s continuously able to connect with generations far below and way above.  Revered by his peers as being one of the most technically advanced Dj’s in the scene. Whether it’s his uncanny ability to pick the best imaginable tracks for any given situation, or the absolute flawless mixes that always seems to have aficionados staring at the decks.  One could say he’s on a level most will never reach.  MJ’s played basically every format known to the DJ world, and mastered them all.  Today you’ll find him on CDJS (like most House DJ’s), but every now and then you may see a rare turntable performance, just for the sake of taking it back.

MJ is in constant motion and you can see that with the residencies he’s taken over the years.  His 12 year partnership with Relentless Beats is one of the main reasons MJ has been able to flourish in the AZ scene.  Over that time RB has grown into the largest Dance Music Producer in the state, bringing every EDM name imaginable to the Valley.  MJ has also played many integral roles (besides DJ) with iconic RB productions such as Decadence, Phoenix Lights, & Global Dance Fest to name few.  His tour schedule has covered most major US cities and also several International spots as well.  He’s also played many iconic venues and festivals, such as Ultra (Miami) (x5), Red Rocks (Global), and Decadence AZ (x4), just to name a few.  Growing up in South Florida (Mia), MJ developed his unique sound at a very young age.  His House sets can been described as, “a cross between Chris Lake & Justin Martin”.  

One thing is for certain, if you’re looking for an artist with the experience to play your show the RIGHT way, MJ is your man. The total package, a crowd master. 

“ After years of playing different styles you learn the best DJ’s blend all styles for a much more dramatic and interesting experience.. I play what I like”  - MJ